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Excitement overloaded~

Never once, I thought my story will be read. 
I wrote stories or novels since I was in high school. and most of them ended up in a dusty shelf or in a broken drawer. 
But now, although there's only small number of people reading it, I am still very proud. I'm so thrilled, excited and I feel like I can write forever.

Anyway, this picture was taken without the consent of Hana Tajima herself, so I'm a little bit nervous.hehe. I hope she wouldn't mind me using her exceedingly pretty face as cover for my novel. This story has nothing to do with her. I just use her name. that's all.
and it helps to attract readers ><
lets hope she doesn't care. 
so,enjoy reading it at ^^

p.s hana tajima was the one who taught me how to wear shawl in a pretty simple way. arigatou ^^

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